Case Studies


Clam Outdoors

  • Custom Built Website
  • Ecommerce with 9,000+ SKU's (Magento)
  • Custom Build Mobile
  • EDI Admin with API Integration - Live Inventory
  • Custom Social Media Integration



From the Client

Blue42 is a difference maker. Their team consistently treat our account not as a typical provider would, but as a stakeholder in our business would. They consistently excel in the services they are contracted to provide (website design and support; social media support and services), and regularly bring a level of creativity and commitment to us that goes above and beyond expectations. The measurables on our site and social media pages are clear. Blue42 is contributing to our marketing message visibility and ultimately to our growth as a company.

Steve Geertsen - Clam Corporation President 


Vexilar Marine Electronics

  • Custom Built Website
  • Ecommerce with KeCommerce & POS Integration
  • Custom Mobile
  • Customer Interaction Modules for Warranty and Product Info
  • SEO Package



From the Client

This customer came to us and needed a website for an event in less then 14days. We had our design team on it right away and built a new logo and brand and launched a website and mobile within 14 days. Customer had over 40 Calls that week after the site launched!!!!



Ice Team

  • Custom Built Website
  • Custom Mobile
  • Interactive YouTube Feed Integration - Home Screen
  • Ads Sponor/Banner Feed
  • Control Interface for Client to make changes


From the Client

Ice Team has gone through many different websites and redesigns throughout its existence, but working with Blue42 has been by far the easiest and most impactful. Most website companies understand how to build a website, but Blue42 understands how to really tie-in the marketing arm of the brand they are building for—something that is unique for our industry. The process for building the site was simple and fluid. The team at Blue42 not only builds the foundation, but also the entire frame and guts of the house to ensure a solid website for all devices and end-user. Ice Team is a proud partner of Blue42.

Matt Johnson – Ice Team Manager

Social Media

Case Studies


Sonarphone by Vexilar

  • Custom Social Media Strategy that integrated with Traditional Marketing Methods
  • 100% Full Management - Content, Posting & Paid/Push App Install Ads
  • Over 4,500,000 Targeted People Reached in 60 Days
  • 100,000+ Unique Visitors to in 60 days
  • Daily, Monthly & Quarterly Scorecarding

From the Client

"Customer Focus and Results Driven are the 2 things that come to mind when thinking of Blue42!"

Corey - Sonarphone by Vexilar





Wolcyn Tree Farms

  • Custom Social Media Strategy that integrated with Traditional Marketing Methods
  • 100% Full Management - Content, Posting & Paid/Push Targeted People Reach Ads
  • 4,900% INCREASE,  yep... 4,900% INCREASE in Targeted People Reach
  • 15,900% INCREASE in Brand Impressions,  yep 15,900% INCREASE!

From the Client

Boomer is great to work with!!!  He listens to us,  and knows what we need before we do.  He not only has full knowledge of using Social Media,  and knows what the general public/customer needs to know about our business!!!

Adie - Wolcyn Tree Farms


Heres My Gear

  • Custom Social Media Strategy & 100% Full Mangement
  • Targeted People Reach of 25,000-100,000 People Weekly
  • 47,000+ Facebook Fans in <2 years!!!
  • Drove 60,000+ Unique Users/Customers to Heres My Gear

From the Client

"Watching Heres My Gear grow as a Social Media leader in the Outdoor Industry was and continues to be an amazing ride!"

Boomer - Heres My Gear